Improve Ninja's release packaging (once more)

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Tue Jan 13 20:01:07 GMT 2009

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> >>Opinions? Further suggestions?
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> > It seems complicated for the casual ninja.
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> > Can haz wikipage plz?
> back feeding please.

Some instructions on setting up and maintaining multiple pbuilders for 
different releases would be nice. As would similar info on how to use pbuilder-
hooks and how to edit pbuilderrc accordingly :)

Maybe it's just me (entirely likely) but this was and is a pretty big barrier 
to contribution. Personally I think this is a pretty complicated thing to do. 
The time I can spend on Kubuntu is fairly limited at the moment so I'd rather 
spend it on something useful instead of spending an entire evening trying to 
make the build environment behave properly as I did for the last two KDE 
releases. I'm all in favour of automating this process as much as possible but 
I'd second Scott's point that this is pretty complicated.

Another thought that crossed my mind is that we are now another step further 
removed from anything that is in the packaging documentation for either 
(k)ubuntu or debian. From the point of view of anybody new to packaging that 
wants to get involved in KDE releases (and I'd include me in that group) it's 
pretty hard to relate what the ninjas do to any other form of packaging in 
ubuntu. If that isn't considered important the fair enough. I don't claim to 
be any expert in the field but I thought I'd throw it out there as an idea.

Anyway, that's my two cents (or tuppence worth as they say round here)

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