More status of Kubuntu and Ports Architectures

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Mon Feb 16 15:27:14 GMT 2009

Currently i386, amd64, armel, and lpia are still current.  Since the last time 
I wrote powerpc is up to date too.  

For IA64, all the central node packages are built, but 
a few of the leaves remain.  There is a decent chart at:

to given you an idea of which these are (just updated for some changes in the 
package relationships).

Sparc made some good progress and kde4libs is built.  kdepimlibs got blocked 
by a boost1.35 portability issue that keeps akondai from building.  I've got a 
possible fix for that that I'm waiting for someone with an actual sparc box to 
test.  The sparc kernel also has a significant issue that's causing some 
packages to fail due to endianess issues.  TheMuso (who's community work to fix 
the kernels is the reason powerpc, sparc, ia64, and hppa work at all) is 
looking into a fix for it.  So packages that depend just on kde4libs ought to 
have a decent change of building.

Most surprisingly, hppa is starting to shape up too.  kde4libs and kdepimlibs 
are built and it the build for kdebindings mysteriously re-appeared.  It and 
kdebase-workspace are currently in queue to build.  

Bottom line, is we are making progress and you should not see a lot of extra 
build failures on ports.  

Scott K

The kernel/libdrm mismatch on ia64 was fixed earlier in the week and sparc and 
hppa were fixed yesterday and today, so I'm starting to work on those.  So I 
expect that soonish ia64 and sparc will be in good shape.  Due to a bug in 
Launchpad's Soyuz build system, kdebindings can't be built on hppa, so until 
that's resolved we will only get so far.

I'm sure I got all of Main and some of Universe requeued for power pc but 
there may be universe stuff that I missed.  I looked for stuff I knew about, but 
for stuff in Main there are tools that produce actual lists.  If you've been 
following anything in Universe, you might want to check.

If you've been ignoring the stacks of build failure messages that you get 
after every upload, please dial back your ignoring.  Lpia, armel, and power pc 
should be in good shape, so if something goes sideways on these archs, please 
look into it.

Once I've got sparc and ia64 built back up, I'll let you know.  

Scott K

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