More status of Kubuntu and Ports Architectures

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Fri Feb 13 23:12:42 GMT 2009

We've been doing well in the two main archs, i386 and amd64.  And as I 
mentioned last time, armel is built.  lpia is now built also.  There are also 
daily CD images for these archs (lpia is alternate only).

The kernel/libdrm problem on powerpc got fixed last weekend and most of KDE 
Core is built on powerpc now.  All the central node packages are built, but 
some of the leaves remain.  There is a decent chart at:

to given you an idea of which these are.

The kernel/libdrm mismatch on ia64 was fixed earlier in the week and sparc and 
hppa were fixed yesterday and today, so I'm starting to work on those.  So I 
expect that soonish ia64 and sparc will be in good shape.  Due to a bug in 
Launchpad's Soyuz build system, kdebindings can't be built on hppa, so until 
that's resolved we will only get so far.

I'm sure I got all of Main and some of Universe requeued for power pc but 
there may be universe stuff that I missed.  I looked for stuff I knew about, but 
for stuff in Main there are tools that produce actual lists.  If you've been 
following anything in Universe, you might want to check.

If you've been ignoring the stacks of build failure messages that you get 
after every upload, please dial back your ignoring.  Lpia, armel, and power pc 
should be in good shape, so if something goes sideways on these archs, please 
look into it.

Once I've got sparc and ia64 built back up, I'll let you know.  

Scott K

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