KDE4 64-bit & 32-bit programs & KDE3.5 programs

Wulfy wulfmann at tiscali.co.uk
Wed Feb 11 23:40:33 GMT 2009

Jonas Norlander wrote:
> 2009/2/11 Wulfy <wulfmann at tiscali.co.uk>:
>> I was wondering if anyone could tell me a simple way to determine which
>> programs I have installed that are 32-bit and those that are compiled
>> against KDE 3.5.  I have a /lib32 and I know that at least Kaffeine is
>> compiled against KDE3.5.  Would this have an effect on CPU/memory load
>> and the stability of KDE4?
>> I run KDE 4.2 64-bit Intrepid Ibex
> You can use the file command to see if a file is 32 or 64 bit. I
> tested a quick and dirty hack and it worked and it should be easy to
> put it in a script and expand it to work with apt-file to see what
> package the file belongs to. I don't have an answer for finding KDE
> 3.5 files, perhaps if you know what libraries it uses you could grep
> the output from the ldd command. Putting together a script  that can
> do  this would come in handy perhaps some with more experience in
> shell programming can think of something.
> The one-line command to find 32-bit programs in your path:
> for DIR in $(echo "$PATH" | sed -e "s/:/ /g") ; do find "$DIR" -type f
> -exec file '{}' \; | grep -i 32-bit | sed "s/:.*$//" ; done
> / Jonas
Thanks for this, Jonas.  I appreciate your help.  I really must learn 
some bash sometime...

I tried the command.  I got a list of programs (as expected) but there 
are *1776* of them!!!!

I tried the same command with 64-bit substituted for 32-bit and got the 
exact same list (I used diff to compare them).

I'm confused...



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