Status of Kubuntu and Ports Architectures

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Thu Feb 5 04:31:18 GMT 2009

We've been doing well in the two main archs, i386 and amd64.

Ports, not so much.  At the time KDE 4.2.0 was uploaded lpia, sparc, hppa, 
powerpc, and ia64 were all broken due to a mismatch between their kernel and 
libdrm.  On armel there was another problem (I'm not sure exactly what it was, 
but it seems to have passed).

The armel problem has passed and the lpia kernel has been updated.  I spent a 
good part of yesterday and today retrying the various bits of KDE in the right 
order to convince them to build (thanks all of you who helped).  There are a 
couple of minor issues that need sorted after the Alpha 4 freeze is over, but 
KDE is essentially built on lpia and armel.  

There may be universe stuff that I missed.  I looked for stuff I knew about, but 
for stuff in Main there are tools that produce actual lists.  If you've been 
following anything in Universe, you might want to check.

If you've been ignoring the stacks of build failure messages that you get 
after every upload, please dial back your ignoring.  Lpia and armel should be 
in good shape, so if something goes sideways on these archs, please look into 

Someone has volunteered to update the powerpc kernel, so it may come along 
shortly too.  I have no idea if we'll see sparc, hppa, and ia64 fixed or not.

Scott K

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