Karmic Alpha 4 install on a Thinkpad X40

Manuel Siggen manuel at siggen.ch
Tue Aug 25 19:26:04 BST 2009

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to say I installed (from scratch) the latest Karmic Alpha on
my aging Thinkpad X40, and that I now have the most fonctionnal stable
Kubuntu system since Hardy. The various Intel/Xorg regressions (extreme
slowness, crashes, and other random screen corruptions) that plagged the
Jaunty release are all gone, and I must say I'm impressed to see a four
years old laptop be able to run 3D compositing effects out-of-the box. So,
congratulations to everyone involved !

The only problem I encountered is no backscreen light when resuming from
RAM, which I worked around by forcing quirks in


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