KDE 4.x and the "Leave" menu

Antonio Augusto (Mancha) khaoticmind at gmail.com
Sat Sep 13 17:06:33 BST 2008

>> I don't believe that.
>> I think it's not about "easy to implement" but a decicion.
>> You can't tell me that is more difficult to implement than all this exciting
>> high siphisticated Plasma stuff.
> Kubuntu did not implement plasma, KDE did.
> You can disable that yourself from System Settings if it bugs you.
>> Possible solutions:
>> 1. (hmmm)
>> If kickoff is standard, then make it useable easily -> get rid of the second
>> dialog (even when the dialog is beautiful IMO)
> That's really up to KDE, not us.

Just my two cents in these two comments: just because KDE did
something it doesn't mean Kubuntu can't change it. Thats the beauty of
open source you know ;)
On the other hand i know we don't have as much Kubuntu developers as
one could wish for, but thats no excuse. If there is one thing that is
not working quite well in KDE AND there is a better approach out there
why can't Kubuntu use it?

For example (and i'm not saying this is what should be done), we could
switch back to the classic menu and not use kickoff right now. Another
option is Lancelot, that is available in Ubuntu repos (thou it still
need a lot of work).

My point is: we don't have to follow other people "mistakes" if we
thing there is something better.


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