Raw Log of Meeting for 17-October-2008 @ 18:00 UTC

Rich Johnson nixternal at kubuntu.org
Fri Oct 17 20:33:12 BST 2008

Hey everyone,

Here is a raw log of today's meeting. First off I would like to
congratulate Andreas Wenning and Roderick Greening for becoming
official Kubuntu Members today. Great job by both of you and we all
look forward to working with you both in the future, for a long time
to come.

Today's meeting covered a bunch of excellent topics including:
 * Kubuntu-bugs + the state of Kubuntu bugs in malone
    - looking good, more work needed

 * Stuff that needs to be sorted/fixed for Intrepid
    - there are still some things that need to get fixed (lang packs)

 * Do we want a FAQ or page for users describing what to expect in
their transition from KDE3 to KDE4? I can work on this
    - look for this on the wiki some day soon?

 * How can we prevent borkage like with NM and Bluez (if at all)?
    - start working more closely with Ubuntu on this, or we can just
start breaking their stuff to see how they like it :P (just

 * Can we (man power)/should we (sensible use of man power) target
kubuntu-mid/kubuntu-mobile for Jaunty? Form a core team? Who could
work on it at all?
    - Held off talks until UDS - almost everyone was interested in helping out

 * How to deploy KDE 4.2 pre-stable releases? Proposal: use the KDE 4
PPA for stable KDE + (un)stable extra apps (e.g. Amarok 2) || use
kubuntu-experimental for unstable KDE || other options:
    - We are going to follow Ubuntu on this

 * GAP Analysis - what is missing from KDE4 vs. KDE3 and what holes
should we look at filling or recommend alternatives to users
    - Quick analysis showed about 5 apps we are currently missing -
will hopefully get fixed for Jaunty

 * Tutorial on using plasmoids and the new panel and kickoff menu to
help users become more familiar with KDE4 - does anything exist and
can/should we adopt/write
    - This should be completed by upstream, or completed by us and
passed upstream. I (nixternal) will work with Aaron Seigo on this in
the future.
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