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Terence Simpson stdin at
Thu Oct 2 12:45:44 BST 2008

Peter Antoniac wrote:
> On Thursday 02 October 2008 12:13:15 Terence Simpson wrote:
>>> Hmm, yes. But don't you find a contradiction between the statement of the
>>> kde- core-dev about kdelibs to be LGPL and the statement in the
>>> kdelibs-packages to be GPL? Shouldn't it be stated there that unless
>>> something else, here we have LGPL  as this is the license policy for
>>> kdelibs?
>> Changing it to be "Unless something else is mentioned, the code files in
>> this package are under LGPL" is a bit pointless IMO because the license
>> of the parts are already stated. Maybe it's something we could think
>> about doing next time we package a new kdelibs version, but I wouldn't
>> put much priority on it.
> To me, it is not that pointless. If the kdelibs are released with a license 
> policy LGPL I don't see why you should change it in the package, unless you 
> feel that you did something there that is GPL. From an OSS dev. it doesn't 
> matter, but for a OSV/ISV it might make a lot of sense to have LGPL vs GPL in 
> that text. My question still remains, why is it GPL and not LGPL there? :D
> Thanks,
> Peter
We don't change the license in the package, the copyright file just 
lists what license(s) the files are under. The license of all the parts 
stays the same as upstream.

Terence Simpson

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