Laurent Humblet mailinglists at
Wed Nov 26 08:34:30 GMT 2008


Another thing with the new Adept updater.  When you did an update and 
you get this message:

"The operation finished successfully and no operation is currently in 
progress. You may now exit the program or go back to installing and 
removing packages."

I'd like to get a button 'close', 'exit' or 'quit' to appear somewhere 
when updates are done.  I think on a usability standpoint it's a bit 
strange to have to either go within the Adept menu and choose 'Exit' or 
to click on the top right cross to close the application.  After all, 
you're landing in the updater because there are updates to do but once 
you're done with them, I don't see what else you have to do in there.

Besides, it says '... or go back to installing and removing packages.' 
but there is no 'back' button and there is no way to go to the install 
menu to add new programs (neither through the top menus nor via the side 


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