Kubuntu Meeting Minutes 2008-11-18

Harald Sitter apachelogger at ubuntu.com
Wed Nov 19 12:32:37 GMT 2008

Kubuntu Meeting Minutes 2008-11-18

Please excuse if I forgot something, I wrote down what I still remembered :)

= Memebership
  * Arby was accepted as Kubuntu Member
  * Txwikinger was accepted as Kubuntu Member

= Moving core KDE packaging to bzr
  * Mostly good feeling about it
  * Further discussion on the mailing list
  * Trying to get this done as soon as possible

= UDS topics
  * All settled
  * Most topics merge with each other in some way
  * Can request additional session slots as needed
    - or discuss at lunch/dinner/while drinking a brewed liquid

= 4.2 Beta1
  * Tarballs to be available soon
  * JontheEchidna will be in charge of the packaging efforts, 2nd review and
    sponsorship provided by apachelogger
  * Packages will be published to Jaunty and the kubuntu-experimental PPA
  * Also see last meeting for package locations
    (in short: 4.1.x => intrepid-updates && pre-4.2.0 => kubuntu-experimental
               4.2.x => intrepid-backports or kubuntu-members-kde4)

= New wiki theme
  * Current one doesn't match kubuntu.org theme
  * ryanakca is working on new one
  * A lot of people mentioned that they disklike fixed width
    - seele stated that we must not have more than 25 words per line to keep
      it legible

= Bug status
  * Fairly good triaged
  * JontheEchidna got too much free time since he has time to keep stats about
  * 4.2 beta1 will have immediate impact on bugs (~3-10% are known to be fixed
    in KDE trunk)
  * KDEPim is still a mess because of hard to reproduce issues
    - apachelogger claims most of the issues are about weird dataloss cases
      caused by the design of KMail/kio_imap and will resolve with Akonadi
    - Arby notes that he has a lot of KDEPim bugs on his radar which are soon-
      to-be-closed incomplete
  * Apachelogger suggested that having an informal assignment of packages to
    people could improve the triage quality and reduce the incoming triage 
    per bug triager

= Kubuntu-users list not very much about support
  * Kubuntu members and devs don't really follow the discussions because they
    are mostly redundant and pointless
  * Such topics will be blocked as needed
  * Moderator team is to be created
  * Guidelines for moderation are to be established and announced properly

= Dangerous 3rd party KDE 3 repository
  * Upgrade problems imminent
  * Arby posts disclaimer in the appropriate thread on ubuntuforums
  * Apachelogger contacts maintainer
    - immediate shut down of the repository
    - suggest to get in touch with Kubuntu developers to supersed the current
      approach with something less dangerous

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