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Nicolas Ternisien nicolas.ternisien at
Mon Nov 17 13:22:35 GMT 2008

For information, the branch has been started here :


On Mon, Nov 17, 2008 at 10:39 AM, Nicolas Ternisien
<nicolas.ternisien at> wrote:
> Hi and thanks for your answers,
> The main goal of porting Guidance to KDE 4 is not to blindly integrate
> all of its sub applications to the KDE Admin. The goal is to port the
> applications that do not already cover something that the KDE main
> tree don't do actually.
> Here is my opinion on each sub applications :
> displayconfig :
> You are right, the displayconfig for example don't need to be ported,
> as another project already do this in KDE.
> userconfig :
> KUser and userconfig both look like a graphical editor for /etc/group
> and /etc/passwd. In my opinion, userconfig misses only 2/3 features
> that KUser has before being able to replace it. In my opinion,
> userconfig could only be the start of an application that could be
> improved, and it will be integrated only if KDE core developers think
> it is sufficently powerful and have an interest. If the Fedora tool
> has a backend and that's this backend is providen to any distribution,
> then userconfig will be improved to use it. As I said previously, it's
> only a start (or restart in this case, as KUser exists).
> serviceconfig :
> Serviceconfig has pratically the same history than userconfig, but the
> main difference is that KSysV is really old and not really good, so
> its replacing will be easier and earlier.
> mountconfig :
> If mountconfig has issues, they will need to be fixed before
> integrating it to KDE Admin. I've maybe not specifying that each sub
> applications will have to follow the KDE application process
> (
> wineconfig :
> If a D-Bus interface has been started in the Wine project, maybe we
> could wait its release to see if the porting is necessary, or if it
> could be better to rewrite it from scratch.
> guidance-power-manager :
> It seems that power-devil will be the next application that will take
> care about battery management, so, the Guidance one is not
> particularly needed.
> To conclude, there are 3 applications of the Guidance project that
> could be used, and that could be ported to KDE 4 (userconfig port is
> already started). Those applications will have to follow the KDE
> application integration policy one by one, to be sure there are enough
> mature to be part of KDE.
> The guidance-kde4 branch will contain only those 3 applications, to
> reflect what we said here.
> Do you agree with this ?
> Nicolas Ternisien
> On Sun, Nov 16, 2008 at 8:10 PM, Scott Kitterman <ubuntu at> wrote:
>> On Sun, 16 Nov 2008 13:35:27 -0500 "Yuriy Kozlov"
>> <yuriy-kozlov at> wrote:
>> ...
>>>displayconfig is now replaced by kcmrandr, hopefully.  (Is that using
>>>this Kephal library?)  The latter still needs work, and taking some of
>>>the interface from displayconfig might be a good idea, but the backend
>>>of displayconfig is outdated now, as ScottK can attest to after trying
>>>to fix it up for Hardy.  However, there are also some features in
>>>displayconfig other than resolution setting and such that are
>>>currently not covered in KDE modules AFAIK, like gamma settings.
>>>displayconfig also had display power settings, which system settings
>>>already has, but is that taken care of by powerdevil now (in 4.2)?
>> Redoing the displayconfig back end to work with xrandr and modern
>> xorg.conf'less systems is a critical piece.  I don't see significant value
>> in a KDE4 port of displayconfig.
>> From what I've been reading, it sounds like many of the currently missing
>> bits in the kcmrandr tool have been added in 4.2.
>> Guidance power manager still works pretty well (that's been ported
>> already).  It could stand some re-enginnering on the back end as I don't
>> think it's entirely in synch with modern hal/dbus magic.
>> AFAIK, the Kubuntu plan for 9.04 is to switch to powerdevil.
>> Scott K

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