QtCurve and Hardy

Craig Drummond craig_p_drummond at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Mar 19 20:27:51 GMT 2008


I stumbled upon some KUbuntu IRC logs, that seemed to indicate that
Hardy will use QtCurve as the default KDE theme. If I'm wrong, then
just ignore the rest of this email.

I also noticed, however, that Hardy will not use QtCurve's Gtk2
engine, preferring to style Gtk2 apps via the Qt engine. Nothing
against the Qt engine - its a fantastic idea. But, QtCurve doesn't look
that great when done this way - certainly nowhere near as good as its
native Gtk2 port. Some visible differences between QtCurve via Qt
engine, and native QtCurve Gtk theme:

  1. Menubar items are not correctly coloured when selected. This
     seems to be because the Qt engine assumes the KDE style is
     plastik like (so has dark text for slected menubar items).
  2. Popup menus are not recoloured.
  3. Sliders are chopped off at the bottom.
  4. Entry fields for spin widgets are not drawn correctly - they
     should only be rounded on the left.
  5. Scrollbar buttons don't depress when clicked on.
  6. Tabs are not drawn correctly - see kino for an example of
     really bad tabs. (This affects all themes via the Qt engine).
  7. Checkboxes in menus are drawn as a '-'
  8. Frames are not rounded

...and there are probably quite a few others. The following
screenshots show the difference when running gimp:

QtCurve's Gtk2 engine *does* attempt to map Gtk2 icons to
their KDE equivalent (and this seems to work fine for me -
both under KDE3 and KDE4). And it also uses KDE's colour
and font settings.

It is also possible to give QtCurve (all 3 variants) default
settings by copying qtcurvestylerc to /etc/qt (or /etc/qt3,
or /etc/qt4). You can create this file by exporing your current
settings from the KDE3 or KDE4 style's config dialog. (e.g.
export your settings to ~/Wibble.qtcurve, then simply
cp ~/Wibble.qtcurve to /etc/qt/qtcurvestylerc) QtCurve will
read this file before reading a users settings - and will use
these as the defaults. So there is no need to copy a
qtcurvestylerc to a user's ~/.config when starting KDE.


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