Unneeded Py QT3 Divergence From Debian

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at kitterman.com
Sun Mar 2 21:34:31 GMT 2008

We are down to only one difference between Kubuntu and Debian in Py QT3.  We 
ship pyqtconfig in the regular package instead of the -dev package.  Looking 
at what pyqtconfig does and after discussing it with the Debian maintainer, I 
think Debian is correct.

The problem we have is that mountconfig imports kdedesigner which uses 
pyqtconfig.  As nearly as I can determine, mountconfig never actually uses 
anything from there and the import can be removed.  If we do that, we should 
be able to sync Py QT3 on the next upload.

This would also prevent problems where packages that build dep on the -dev 
package and use pyqtconfig when building would FTBFS (I had to merge Eric due 
to this issue).  So we'd be better off all around.

Since my Hardy computer only has one hard drive with a single partition, I 
thought it would be helpful to get more testing on this, so I uploaded a 
fixed version of kde-guidance to my PPA:


Once it's built (I just uploaded it), please give it a test and let me know if 
you have any problems.  If no one complains/objects, I'll look into fixing 
kde-guidance and Py QT3 after Alpha 6 gets done.

Scott K

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