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Thu Jun 12 23:09:36 BST 2008

people who should be able to look at those bugs:
me, txwikinger, manchicken, ryanakca, fdoving
And these people's memberships are for some reason expired or
deactivated, and I encourage them to rejoin (though most have the
privileges anyway through MOTU or core-dev):
xerosis, lure, mhb, nixternal, hobbsee, scottK

With apport marking duplicates automatically, I think that's enough
manpower, or at least not a regression from status-quo.  Anybody else
who's been working on bugs for Kubuntu, please consider applying to

> Can you point us at an example or two of (presumably non-KDE) bugs
> where this has happened?

A couple examples (from searching for bugs tagged apport-crash and
with the bug reported upstream):


~ Yuriy

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