enabling apport for KDE

Yuriy Kozlov yuriy-kozlov at kubuntu.org
Fri Jun 20 23:27:55 BST 2008


I think it would be beneficial to disable the KDE crash handling and
enable apport for KDE applications.

The rationale:
The goal is to get useful crash reports to bugs.kde.org.

Currently, a user has to have debug packages installed to generate a
useful report at all.  Then the user has to manually send it to
launchpad or to bugs.kde.org, and the user has to choose.  The effect
is that few crashes get reported, and the majority of those have
useless backtraces.  Then, to get a useful report upstream, a triager
has to look at a Launchpad report, ask the user to install debug
packages, wait and hope the crash happens again and the user posts a
new backtrace, then report the bug upstream.  And then the bug has
less information than apport collects automatically.

With apport we gain automatic reporting and automatic retracing so
nobody has to worry about having the debug packages installed.  Once
an apport report is in Launchpad it has most if not all of the needed
information and a triager can refile it upstream, and that report will
be a better one than most on bugs.kde.org.  The downside of automatic
reporting is that all crashes go to launchpad and not upstream.
However, given the increased quantity of quality reports, I think we
will get more good reports upstream by looking through apport reports
on Launchpad and refiling the relevant ones at bugs.kde.org than we do
with the current system.

In addition, apport provides a consistent crash handler across all
applications instead of having a different GUI and different
procedures for KDE vs. QT-only applications.  Just compare the simple
bug reporting instructions for Ubuntu[1] to the ones I started writing
up for Kubuntu[2].  And you can enable/disable the crash dialogs in
one place.  Currently apport crash reporting gets disabled for stable
releases, but KCrash dialogs are still there.

[1] https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs
[2] https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Bugs/Reporting

~ Yuriy

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