Kubuntu Website TODO: Download button bug?

Christian A. Reiter chris.reiter at gmx.at
Mon Jul 28 15:10:57 BST 2008


I don't know if this here is the right place for suggestions/bugs of the 
homepage, but I didn't find another place...and sorry for attaching files 
here, but they are small, please don't lynch me ;-)

Either both my Firefox and Konqueror has issues, or the Kubuntu download 
button code is wrong (I looked at the html - seems ok for me).
However, I have attached 2 screenshots, one with Konqueror, one with Firefox 
unter Kubuntu, and marked the hover area orange.
Only there you can click to download - I don't think this is the intended 
Can anyone else confirm this?

btw, under Konqueror the text doesn't render right below the "free download" 
button - there is no space between them, see "Screenshot Konqueror.png".

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