KDE 4.1 "for testers only"

Wulfy wulfmann at tiscali.co.uk
Thu Jul 31 15:50:23 BST 2008

Scott Kitterman wrote:
> On Thursday 31 July 2008 10:31, Wulfy wrote:
>> So what's the difference? KDE 4.1 is KDE 4.1...  if it's "only for
>> testers" in Hardy, how does it suddenly become production quality for
>> Intrepid?
> By the time Intrepid is released it will (likely) be 4.1.3 instead of 4.1.0 
> and have had a relatively long period of stability, testing, and formal QA.  
> None of that work has been done yet.  
> The answer to your question is it doesn't "suddenly become production 
> quality".  There's a lot of work to be done between now and October.
> Scott K
Ah, OK!  Thanks for helping me understand.  :@)



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