KDE 4.1 "for testers only"

Celeste Lyn Paul celeste at kde.org
Thu Jul 31 15:31:05 BST 2008

On Thursday 31 July 2008 10:31:36 Wulfy wrote:
> Christian A. Reiter wrote:
> >> Does this mean that Kubuntu Intrepid will be "for testers only"?  After
> >> all, the Ibex will be based on KDE 4.1...
> >
> > No, of course not.
> > I meant KDE 4.1 in Ubuntu Hardy, like proposed on the homepage.
> >
> > Christian
> So what's the difference? KDE 4.1 is KDE 4.1...  if it's "only for
> testers" in Hardy, how does it suddenly become production quality for
> Intrepid?

Before the 29th the packages provided were beta and release candidates.  Betas 
and RCs are for testers, not production.  Now that 4.1 is out, it is suitable 
for everyone to use and that is what will be in Intrepid.  Where is the 

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