testers wanted for knetworkmanager 0.7

Sebastian Goth seezer at roath.org
Wed Jul 16 14:38:56 BST 2008


couldn't make any connection to my local wlan - it's probably caused by 
NetworkManager - but could also be caused by not beeing able to specify an 

My setup here consists of two accesspoints with the same ESSID - one is WPA 
encrypted one is not encrypted (reasons for that exist.. :/).
In `dmesg` output i could see that it tried to connect to the wrong one 
sometimes. Probably it got messed up along the way..

Will try and comment again whenever I'm at a "sane" WLAN setup with only one 
accesspoint just to make sure.
But imho an extra field for the accesspoint MAC won't hurt in the experts 
settings anyway.
Not sure how NetworkManager works and if it supports it - but iwconfig does 
(iwconfig if ap "MAC").

Generally the GUI seems quite matured compared to hardy's default one.

Keep up the good work,

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