Bug Triage/Update Policy for KDE Guidance

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at kitterman.com
Sat Jul 12 05:20:28 BST 2008

Here are my thoughts on the matter.  Comments please.

In general, we want to be respectful of the effort people put into 
reporting bugs and not have them feel dismissed.  At the same time, 
kde-guidance is at or close to its end of life.  The appropriate action 
varies depending on the module:

displayconfig: This code is all dead end.  Any bug not meeting SRU criteria 
should be politely won't fixed.

Guidance-backends: These bugs should be triaged normally.  It's not clear 
that the non-KDE user base will all go away.

Power-manager: Already ported and the port is in a new package called 
guidance-power-manager.  Wishlist bugs should just be changed to this 
source package.  Since only the U/I code has changed, most bugs will be 
valid.  Non-SRU bugs should be won't fixed in kde-guidance, added to 
guidance-power-manager, and validated/triaged normally against it.

Userconfig/mountconfig: Both need porting, so bugs should be triaged 

Wineconfig/grubconfig: Anyone know the plans for these?

Did I leave anything out?

Scott K


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