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Jonathan Jesse jjesse at
Sat Jul 5 22:42:22 BST 2008

Good evening,

I am working on perhaps switching back to Kubuntu and KDE 4 for my work
laptop but have run into several problems.  I have a Dell Latitude D830 with
4 Gigs of RAM.  Under Vista 32 bit I get 3.6 Gigs of RAM available and
according to free with Kubuntu 32 bit edition I only get 3.2 Gigs of RAM.
As I use Virtual Machines a ton for demos and learning new software, etc...
this is a small problem, need as much memory as possible.

However this is not the biggest problem.  With VMWare Workstation 6 in Vista
I can run 3 machines before I slow things down.  One Kubuntu VM taking up 1
GIG of RAM, 1 Windows 2003 Server VM taking up a GIG of RAM and one Ubuntu
server taking up 512 MB of RAm.  Vista still performs without problems, I
can still use other programs, Firefox, Outlook, Excel, and others, I notice
some slow down but not much.
Runing Kubuntu 8.04 Remix (KDE 4) I can barely get 2 VMs running with 1 GIG
of RAM a peice.  I see a ton of swaping and using my swap memory more.  Two
1 GIG RAM VMs make the system to the point it is almost unusable.  Is KDE4
more resource intensive?  Am I seeing something special/goofy with my
laptop?  KDE 4 seems to be a huge memory hog.

The other problem I kept having was my VM's were crashing with memory
errors.  If I wanted a stable VM and a usuable machine I had to run them at
384 MB a piece which is silly when running two Windows servers.

Based on this I am going to stay with my Vista laptop for work.


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