Hardy testing

Yiannis Belias orion at linux.gr
Sat Jan 5 22:00:17 GMT 2008

Hello all!
  First of all I wish a happy new year to everyone, and I hope 2008 will be a very
exciting time to use and develop Kubuntu!
  I read the intro pages on joining the Kubuntu Testers team and decided to start
testing Hardy. I have to say that I didn't expect it to be that stable, so I will
try to put it to daily use.
  I wrote a few things about that, plus a small guide on how to boot the iso image
without burning it on cd, by using the gujin boot manager. You can find those here:
http://orion.freehost.gr/hardy and here: http://orion.freehost.gr/hardy/hardy_hd_cd.html

  I don't know if there is a (kubuntu specific) place to put these documents, any suggestions
or comments are very welcome.

May the source be with you,
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