Future of KDE Bindings for KDE3

Lydia Pintscher lydia.pintscher at gmail.com
Sun Dec 21 10:38:55 GMT 2008

On Sun, Dec 21, 2008 at 8:36 AM, Scott Kitterman <ubuntu at kitterman.com> wrote:
> libqt0-ruby1.8
> Reverse Depends:
>  amarok-common/amarok - This goes away once we move the amarok package to
> amarok 2, right?

Amarok 2 should no longer depend on it. If it does something is wrong.

>  soundkonverter-amarok - Once we switch to amarok 2, I'm guessing this will
> need to be ported to libqt4-ruby1.8?  I see upstream says a KDE4 version of
> soundkonverter is in progress, but gives no schedule.

As the scripting interface changed completely all Amarok 1 scripts no
longer work with Amarok 2. So if you drop Amarok 1 you can also drop
this unless they port it.


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