Merged Gnome and KDE menus

sebastienkerguen at sebastienkerguen at
Thu Aug 21 18:49:18 BST 2008


On a system which has both KDE and Gnome, with "ubuntu-desktop" and
"kubuntu-desktop" meta-packages installed, the menus in both KDE and Gnome
become very crowded with tons of duplicate apps.

I think that, when a Kubuntu user just finished installing the "ubuntu-desktop"
package, a message box should appear (during the installation process) and ask
him/her to :

1. Let all KDE and Gnome applications together (as it currently is), sharing the
same sub-menus (and so making a mess for some people).

2. Install both "K Menu Gnome" AND "Gnome menu extended" packages and then,
separate Gnome applications from the K menu (and vice versa).

This way, the user would have choice..

I installed both of these packages (K menu Gnome and Gnome menu extended) and I
think my menus are now clearer.

Links :
K menu gnome :

Gnome menu extended :

-- Sebastien

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