KDE 4.1 "for testers only" - homepage change

Christian A. Reiter chris.reiter at gmx.at
Fri Aug 1 11:30:50 BST 2008

As I said, I would change the text on the homepage to something like this:

"KDE 4.1 has been released and packages are available for Kubuntu 8.04, the 
Hardy Heron. These packages install to /usr/lib/kde4 and can be installed 
along side your existing KDE 3 installation."

I would add the following sentence (in bigger letters, italic, red, or 

However, installing KDE 4.1 on Hardy heron is NOT officially supported - these 
packages are just. Install it if you want to see KDE 4.1 or test it, but 
DON'T use it in productional environments.
KDE 4.1 will be officially included and supported with the next Ubuntu version 
in October, "Intrepid Ibex".

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