Default X input method in Kubuntu 8.04 RC with East Asian system language doesn't work

Ziyuan Yao yaoziyuan2 at
Thu Apr 24 21:48:16 BST 2008

In a freshly installed Kubuntu 8.04 RC, if the system language is an East
Asian one, such as Simplified Chinese, which is chosen during system
installation, then the default X input method should be "scim", not
"scim-bridge" which is currently the default.

See this screenshot for illustration:

Also, if English is chosen to be the system language during system
installation, and after the installation the user installs and adds an East
Asian language (e.g. Chinese) from System Settings -> Regional & Language,
then the default X input method (as in the screenshot) is still "XIM", not
"scim". I recommend that as long as at least one East Asian language is
added, the system automatically switches the default X input method (as seen
in the screenshot) to "scim".

As a bonus, all the other options ("scim-bridge", "XIM", "Simple Composing
Input Method") should better not be displayed because they're useless
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