Tested Alternate amb64 20080415 iso with HDD encrption - possible problem?

Divan Santana divan.santana at gmail.com
Tue Apr 22 14:25:56 BST 2008

Hi All,

Just to let you know I tried this installation again with the same USB 
keyboard(diff laptop) to set the password during installation and tested it 
after installation and there was no such problems.

Maybe I just typed the password wrong the first installation.

Divan Santana

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On Friday 18 April 2008 09:39:04 Ped wrote:
>   I'm not involved with Kubuntu development, but I would suggest to you (if
> you can afford the extra time) to test also combinations:
> 1)
>   during install the password is entered trough notebook keyboard
>   after install during reboot entered trough USB keyboard
> 2)
>   during install USB
>   after install notebook keyboard
> (I believe you tried this the first time when the password didn't work,
> right?)
> I think this may be of some little help to somebody who will try to figure
> out further what's going on.
> And make sure of course there can't be problem with some national
> characters (I think the installation is done with choosen keyboard layout
> which is than default for boot, so this is very likely not the issue
> either)
>   Basically this makes my brain to stop, I can't see how a character from
> standart keyboard may be different to USB one, I mean at some point there
> should be OS returning just the character itself without any trace of it's
> origin, whether it was [USB] keyboard or touch pad with virtual keyboard,
> etc.. (I didn't see the password reading code, so I don't have idea how it
> works, maybe for security reasons there are some low-level OS functions
> used to read keyboard, but... as a seasoned programmer I grow too old for
> this stuff, I rather don't even want to know :).)
>   Cheers, have a nice day, Peter.

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