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David McGlone david.mcglone at att.net
Wed Sep 19 23:49:01 BST 2007

Hello all, I joined the list a couple days ago because I wanted to share an 
observation I have seen concerning the Fan not working correctly on some 

I Joined the launchpad community, but haven't found a place where I can let 
someone know about this, so I thought I would ask about it for the future and 
share my observation here.

I and many other people have been having an issue with the fan not working 

Anyway, the other day I was trying to find a work around and I downloaded the 
new beta release of Kubuntu and Fedora 7 both live CD's. I started with the 
Kubuntu CD and I got the same symptoms of the fan not running after making a 
choice in grub. KDE started and the computer would shut down during 
installation, so I wanted to see if Fedora did the same, so I rebooted and at 
the grub screen I used the arrow keys to stop the countdown so I could get 
the fedora CD in and to my suprise the fan would run correctly all they way 
up through the installation process, but this wasn't the case for kubuntu 
7.04 or the beta release.

So I had to give up for a while so I shut down the computer. Later I booted 
back up to my working desktop and decided to try installing fedora 7 again so 
I popped in the CD rebooted and the fan wouldn't come on after choosing the 
option to run the live CD. I was getting the same symptoms at the kubuntu 
CD's, but it worked before. So I got curious and started experimenting with 
how I booted fedora the last time and I found that stopping grubs countdown 
inserting the Fedora CD then using CTRL + Alt + Del to restart the computer 
would allow the fan to keep running after a menu choice was made. But sadly 
this doesn't work with Kubuntu or the beta release.

I hope this helps. I'd like to see K/Ubuntu fixed in this area so I don't have 
to direct a house fan into my case to install and keep it running.

David M.

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