libgphoto2 2.4.0 package for testing

Edward Dunagin edunagin at
Thu Sep 13 00:44:28 BST 2007

Hello Luke,

On 9/12/07, Luka Renko <lure at> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I have merged new upstream version (2.4.0) of libgphoto2 from debian for
> potential UVF exception in Ubuntu. Initially, there was regression with some
> Canon cameras (second operation on USB failed), but the fix from upstream is
> now included in the package (as patch) and I cannot reproduce this problem
> anymore.
> I would like to get wider feedback before I would ask for UVF exception.
> Please report back success or problems that you encounter with this version.
> Please specify which camera and which SW you have used to test libgphoto2,
> for example:
> Camera: Canon EOS 400D
> SW: digikam 0.9.2
> You can get the package from my PPA (i386 and amd64 only):

I am not sure how to get the file here.
> Just add the following line to your /etc/apt/sources.list:
> deb gutsy main universe
> and run apt-get update and apt-get upgrade.

I did this but  when I run upgrade, it attempts to load kernels older
that the one I use.

libkrb53 librpcsecgss3 linux-generic linux-headers-2.6.20-16
  linux-headers-2.6.20-16-generic linux-headers-generic
  linux-image-2.6.20-16-generic linux-image-2.6.20-16-lowlatency
  linux-image-generic linux-image-lowlatency linux-libc-dev linux-lowlatency

edunagin at HighNet3:/etc/apt$ uname -r

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