getting started

Rick Saul saulrik at
Thu Oct 25 21:28:13 BST 2007


I would like to do some development also 
but don't know where to start. I know 
some Java, C and C++, Java being my 
favorite. Only real programming job I've 
had was Oracle report writing in 
Financials, but did some Java wrapped in 
PL/SQL for Workflow APIs. I like using 
Netbeans for a Java IDE, nice debugger. 
I also like translating a programs from 
one language to another.  I would like 
to learn Python also because of it's use 
in games.


> I suppose I am in the same boat as 
> Laurent.  I would like to start
> contributing to my favorite OS :)
> I know C++ and would eventually like 
> to learn Python, but not exactly sure
> how/where to get started.  I have been 
> submitting bugs and trying to help
> with triage but would like to also do 
> more.  I think doing packaging could
> be beneficial to everyone but really 
> just want to help in any way I can.
> So...Hi,
> Bill (begert)

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