Hardware giveaway Part 3

Stefan Skotte sfs at enhance-it.dk
Thu Oct 11 22:00:19 BST 2007

Well, the board is a pain to get to work in multimedia kind of things. 
Just recently the sound got into the kernel, but still hardware 
acceleration on Xv is a problem.

Go for a cheap core duo mini-itx motherboard, like the KINO-9452 (i945GM 
based), you'll get better support for the graphics, higher IO 
throughput, and no problem with drivers.

Then grab something like core 2 duo T5500 (which will outperform the VIA 
EPIA in any way), and you're all set for decoding video and dvd without 

There are alot of vendors of these boards, but no-one supports 
powermanagement better than IEI (their bios is superb). If you need DVI 
support, get the SDVO addon or KINO-9453 which has native DVI (I have 
one that runs 1920x1200 without problems)..

(Stay away from Commell LV-6xx series, unless you must have a PCIe slot).

Hope some of the above can help you..


Ahmed Osman wrote:
> It's a pity I didn't see that sooner. I'm building a Via box for testing
> Mythbuntu and that's the board I was planning on getting :p
> -Ahmed
> On 10/11/07, Stefan Skotte <sfs at enhance-it.dk> wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I've once again been looking through my stash of hardware, and found
>> something that I would like to donate to anyone in need
>> (development/testing/qa etc.):
>> * VIA EPIA EX-15000G (1.5Ghz)
>> * 1 GB Crucial DDR Memory
>> * 100 GB 2.5" harddrive
>> * Morex 2688 Case with 62W PSU (euro outlet, but easily exchangeable)
>> It's not a speed devil, but runs kubuntu very nicely.
>> Write a small note to me, why you would want this little machine and we
>> can discuss the details.
>> Its not my intention to flood this mailinglist with offtopic stuff, but
>> the hardware is just gathering dust here, and it might aswell do some
>> good.
>> Kind regards,
>> Stefan Skotte
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