Feeling like a 2nd class citizen

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Tue Nov 27 14:06:42 GMT 2007

Jonathan Jesse wrote:

> I am getting frustrated with using Konqueror as my default browser.  I
> don't know if I just have some problems, or its the fact that I am running
> 64-bit Kubuntu, but it is getting to the point that browsing the web is
> just easier, and more fun in Internet Explorer.
> I know that Google and GMail don't always play nice with Konqueror and
> have lived to accept it, 

But you _don't_ have to accept it.  Just click on the odd icon that, to my
eyes at least, looks like a toad facing away from you (it's also in the
Tools menu, "Change Browser Identification") and tell it to identify as the
latest version of either Firefox or IE.  For google and gmail, either

> but it is other sites that I am getting sick of 
> trying to deal with.

> Is it just that I need to switch to Firefox on my Kubuntu install?  Or
> should I stick to browsing the web in my XP VM, cause things "just work"
> there.

That's life.  The price you pay to use Konqueror is that it is
standards-compliant.  I'm not sure I agree with not breaking the agreed
standards to conform to the de-facto standard, but that's the choice the
developers have made.  I have never come across a site that doesn't work in
konqueror that still passes the W3C checks (though I expect there are

If that's a huge problem for you - and it seems like it is - use Firefox. 
It's a better browser than IE, and will work on virtually all the same

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