guidance-powermanager's "switching to bat. mode" popup - is it useful?

Juan Carlos Torres carlosdgtorres at
Thu May 17 01:01:43 BST 2007

On Thursday 17 May 2007, Martin Böhm wrote:

> I still claim that a pop-up is a too agressive solution for this duplicated
> and rather informational type of notification. What does a user do when he
> wants to check the battery state? He looks at the icon. What would the user
> do when he wants to check whether his battery is not used anymore? I
> believe he would check the battery icon - the same thing he does when he
> check the battery state. But every user doesn't need to be informed about
> it. There are some cases when a user wants to be really sure - he can check
> it like he checks the energy level of the battery.

But the user has to make a conscious decision to actually check the battery 
state everytime. If he's preoccupied with other things, chances are checking 
the battery state, or probably even glancing at the system tray, would be a 
bit far from his mind.

> Pop-ups should be reserved for events every single user needs to be
> informed about. I don't think removing the power cord (most likely he did
> that himself, after all) makes the cut.

Of course, if the user consciously removed the power cord himself, he wouldn't 
need to be notified. But what about other cases? We have to consider those, 
too. You're right, pop-ups should be reserved for events users need to be 
informed about. IMHO, this is an example of that.

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