guidance-powermanager's "switching to bat. mode" popup - is it useful?

Martin Böhm martin.bohm at
Wed May 16 17:55:01 BST 2007

2007/5/16, Luka Renko <lure at>:
> On Wednesday 16 May 2007 18:23:45 Martin Böhm wrote:
> > Both Sebas and Avdi's points are valid, but you can still monitor if the
> > cord is plugged in using the battery icon change. Is there a need for
> the
> > pop-up then? I believe folks like you can either learn to monitor the
> tray
> > icon (you do that already with the network manager) or you can set the
> > notifications once it is customizable.
> A do not agree that this can be compared with network manager - when
> network
> connection is lost, I will get some other error soon (from first app
> accessing the network), confirming the fact that connection is lost. With
> lost power, I might get aware of it too late: when I am running out of
> battery juice. This is particularly important for users that move a lot
> between power sockets (e.g. meeting rooms...) and want to be sure that
> they
> are really plugged when socket is available. Watching the icon is really
> not
> good option.
> So even if we have this configurable, I would preffer having it on by
> default
> (and presented the notification feature to all users), than having it off
> (and maybe have users that are unaware of this useful feature).

I still see the comparison with the network manager - if people switch
places, they most likely switch networks, too.

I still claim that a pop-up is a too agressive solution for this duplicated
and rather informational type of notification. What does a user do when he
wants to check the battery state? He looks at the icon. What would the user
do when he wants to check whether his battery is not used anymore? I believe
he would check the battery icon - the same thing he does when he check the
battery state. But every user doesn't need to be informed about it. There
are some cases when a user wants to be really sure - he can check it like he
checks the energy level of the battery.

Pop-ups should be reserved for events every single user needs to be informed
about. I don't think removing the power cord (most likely he did that
himself, after all) makes the cut.


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