guidance-powermanager's "switching to bat. mode" popup - is it useful?

Tom Albers tomalbers at
Wed May 16 16:46:26 BST 2007

Op wo 16 mei 2007 17:43 schreef u:
> On Wednesday 16 May 2007 17:09:58 Martin Böhm wrote:
> > So what do you think?
> I do like the confirmation that when I plug in the cable the system knows it 
> and that it's really charging. I'm somewhat waiting for this kind of 
> feedback. When it's missing, I check if the power adapter is really plugged 
> in. When the popup is there and I did not pull the cable, I have to check if 
> the chinchilla's nibbled the cable.
> I'd rather have it there, but I'm not married to it.

Why not make an entry in the notifications framework so the user can turn it on and off. Additionally he can setup a sound or whatever...


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