[kubuntu-devel] KDE4 / QT4 plans

Luka Renko lure at ubuntu.com
Thu Mar 8 17:07:04 GMT 2007

On Thursday 8. of March 2007 10:51:04 Jos Poortvliet wrote:
> On 3/8/07, Jonathan Riddell <jriddell at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> > On Sun, Feb 18, 2007 at 12:24:19AM +0000, john levin wrote:
> > > I have googled heavily about this, but would like to ask about plans
> > > for KDE4 and QT4 alphas/betas in Kubuntu.
> > >
> > > Although I know that there isn't a timescale for KDE4 as yet, there are
> > > alpha packages available - one for kubuntu dating from circa Sept, and
> > > more recent ones for mac OS X * - and I would like to know, even if it
> > > isn't in any shape to be shipped officially with Feisty, Feisty+1 or
> > > even Feisty+2, whether there are plans for testing betas for kubuntu.
> It seems there are talks about a release schedule, with a soft freeze in a
> couple of months, start of the RC cycle end of the summer and a final
> release at the beginning off october. Which makes me wonder how feasable it
> is to get KDE 4 in Feisty+1. I guess with a lot of effort (and probably a
> month-delay or something) it would be possible to deliver the latest &
> greatest with Feisty+1 - after all, Ubuntu follows Gnome releases by a
> couple of weeks, so they pull it off every time. But KDE 4 is a big thing,
> and it would come down to a choice of (again...) a 3.5.x release, stable
> and all, or a bit more edgy, KDE 4 based release. A delay of 1 or 2 months
> of the release, provided KDE is able to keep their release date, would
> solve the problem, but I'm not sure Mark would allow that.

Please see what was discussed on last Ubuntu Development Summit regarding KDE4 
release plans:

Interesting part is at the end: idea was to re-spin the CD with KDE4 update 
and host packages from kubuntu.org repositories for users that want to test 
the greatness. I am sure Jonathan can provide and update on the last 


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