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Mon Jun 25 03:17:01 BST 2007

Mike wrote:
> Hello,
> My name is Mike and I live in Texas (USA).  I just switched to Kubuntu 
> from another distro.  This is an excellent distro and I now feel "at 
> home" so to speak.  I like the philosophy and the  defined plan for the 
> distribution.  Very well organized.
> A little about me -
> I am a Sr. Systems Analyst, I have been in I.T. for 26 years and 
> currently do programming on an IBM mainframe.  I do both On-Line and 
> Batch programming mainly using CICS, Cobol, Natural and DB2.  I am also 
> a DB2 Applications DBA.  I know about 17 or so computer programming 
> languages and several platforms including PC, Client-Server, Unix, IBM 
> Mainframe, DG and now Linux. 
> Don't know what else to say at this point other than I am very glad to 
> be here and hope to make some new friends!
> Mike
*WelCome here sir*, although i'm not an official to welcome you but 
anyway WelCome to Kubuntu.
You seems to me a very intelligent person in computing and programming 
so why not use your free time and skill to help Open Source community of 
Try to contribute something to Kubuntu world.
If i had that knowledge i would have made every effort to do something 
for Kubuntu.
Thanks and have a nice day!

Manpreet Singh Dhillon,
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