Wine & Beryl Issue!

Manpreet Singh Dhillon mdwaps at
Sun Jun 24 16:58:12 BST 2007

Okay i'm kinda new to kubuntu and don't know where to ask this, so i'm 
asking here.
I'm using Kubuntu 7.04 64-Bit PC edition on an AMD Sempron 2800+
Whenever i install WINE Windows emulator via Konsole or via Adept 
installer , it log me out when i try to open any .EXE file. I've added 
the repo from  and from
Can any one help me please. And please note that i prefer to install 
everything via Konsole coz i've customized it to work with my proxy and 
Adept can't be configured to do so.
And one thing more friends, Beryl isn't running properly. whenever i 
select it it restart my session.
/*Please Help me to sort these issues. I will be really thankful to you all.

Manpreet Singh Dhillon,
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