MIR for pinentry-qt - S/MIME by default for Gutsy

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at kitterman.com
Thu Jun 21 20:38:14 BST 2007

One of the goals for the KDE plan for Gutsy:


is S/MIME support by default in the 3.5 packages.  This will require an MIR 
for pinentry-qt.  Since the MIR process says, "Hold any necessary discussion 
on ubuntu-devel", I'm guessing hte necessary discussion on ubuntu-devel is to 
discuss it here...

I've looked into it a bit and I think pinentry-qt meets all the requirements. 

It's only had two CVEs ever and those were for distribution specific problems 
in other distros.  


It's been in the repositories since Warty and has a very good bug history (one 
ever reported and I couldn't reproduce it).

In short, I think there's a viable rationale for including it and it meets the 
requirements, but thought I ought to put this out before I added it to the 
MIR queue.

Scott K

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