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Sarah Hobbs hobbsee at
Tue Jun 19 13:35:55 BST 2007

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Currently, I'm putting the main KDE packages into bzr.

Please see and use this to
edit all KDE packages now.

It only contains the debian/ dir for each - hopefully someone will come
in and write the "get-orig-source" stuff.

This should make it easier for anyone in kubuntu-members to fix
(sometimes little) bugs, and not have to get the source package uploaded
every time.

This doesn't solve the issue for who is going to do package upgrades,
and such - but it's a start.


Sarah Hobbs wrote:
> Zhengpeng Hou wrote:
>> Why don't we maintain all packages relate to KDE using bzr or svn, you
>> know Debian guys has worked in this way well.
>> Zhengpeng Hou
> So far we havent due to lack of interest, and then my lack of knowledge
> on how bzr works.  We have only had a few contributors previously.
> Clarification:
>  a)  If it's allowed to be committed now, upload it
> means "if you're allowed to upload it, because you have rights, and the
> software authors havent asked you to wait until the official release
> day, then upload it to ubuntu"
> Hobbsee
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