User Managment Bug!

Ped ped at
Thu Jun 14 18:07:03 BST 2007

On Thu, 14 Jun 2007, Mani Dhillon wrote:

> I also deleted the user group that was associated with that account. Then I
> created a new account in the the user group "root". After this I rebooted
> Kubuntu.

  You could have saved yourself the trouble a bit, AFAIK the root account does
exist in [K]Ubuntu after installation, and it's only disabled.

for some more information about sudo and root account.

  But there is text "Enabling the root account in Ubuntu is neither supported
nor necessary", so while you *can* enable the root account, it's not
supported by Ubuntu team. (and you should better know what you are doing)

  How to get out of your current situation: try to boot in recovery mode, you
should be logged in as root with administrator privileges, and edit
users/groups files to make your root account fully enabled.
  If the recovery mode does boot with your new crippled root account, use
liveCD to boot into live system, mount the HDD partition in command line,
and edit freely anything you want as you will have full control over the
data no matter what.
  (Sorry I can't help you with "enabling root account" procedure, I'm not
that skilled in linux to know where to look and what to set up, I'm just
sure that it's possible with proper bending of ubuntu config files to revert
the "only sudo" policy. Rest is up to you.)


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