Ark has a bug which needs quick fix.

Sarah Hobbs hobbsee at
Wed Jun 6 16:13:30 BST 2007

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Report that one upstream.  And patches are welcome, both here and
upstream.  Also, pointing out random bugs to us doesn't guarantee a fix
- - particularly if upstream should be fixing them, as they relate to
every kde distro.


Chandru wrote:
> Hi,
> I recently came across this bug and a possible solution for it.
> When I open a .tar.gz archive with a complex directory structure within it
> using ark and try to extract the contents I get two different behaviors
> based on how I perform it.
> 1. If I do not select any of the files inside the archive and click on
> extract button on the toolbar to extract, it does not give any problem.
> 2. However, if I select the top-most directory and click on extract button
> on the toolbar to extract, it gives an error message but the files are
> extracted properly.
> I've found where the problem lies. The problem is caused due to the fact
> that the tar program reports error when both a directory and its
> files/subdirs are provided in the list of files to be extracted.
> Consider the following directory structure inside the archive
> (test.tar.gz).
> test
> |
> |-demo
>  |
>  |-index.html
> Now executing the following command,
> tar -xzf test.tar.gz test test/demo test/demo/index.html
> would generate the following error,
> tar: test/demo: Not found in archive
> tar: test/demo/index.html: Not found in archive
> tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors
> This is exactly the problem generated by ark. There is no necessity to
> include the children of the directory selected to be included in the
> list of
> files to be extracted, as the contents of the directories specified get
> extracted by default.
> tar -xzf test.tar.gz test
> would be sufficient. However, this is not true for other archive programs
> like zip.
> The problem at hand:
> In the source code of ark, the "FileListView" class (inside
> filelistview.cpp)
> contains the function "selectedFilenames()" which adds the children of the
> selected directory also to the list of selected files. This when used by
> "TarArch::unarchFileInternal()", causes the problem.
> Solution:
> This problem can be solved, if a piece of code is incorporated into
> "FileListView::selectedFilenames()" to check the mime-type of the currently
> opened archive and if it is a tar type, the children of the selected
> directories should not be included in the list of selected files.
> I hope this understanding would greatly help the developers in fixing the
> problem soon. I'm very sorry that I'm not able to solve the problem myself
> as I don't have the time to do fix it in the code.
> The link to the bug report at launchpad is
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