Contributions towards Kubuntu!

Luka Renko lure at
Tue Jun 5 15:35:20 BST 2007

On Tuesday 05 June 2007 12:39:44 Dominic Liche wrote:
> How does one get involved in testing. I am a fun of Kubuntu and I have been
> using it for some months now. I hope to contribute to the TESTING part
> Any ideas how?

Nice to here that. There is #kubuntu-testers IRC channel that you may want to 
join and ping "mhb" (Martin) there who is coordinating test effort.

We are just preparing Tribe1 images, so if you have broadband internet 
connection and some spare disk space you may want to look into this effort:

In general, the easiest is to drop in #kubuntu-devel and ask for some task.


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