Kubuntu Fonts

Chris S herr.busfahrer+kubuntu-devel at googlemail.com
Sun Jun 3 17:09:13 BST 2007


first of all, I am not sure whether this is the right place for my
problem. If it's not, please give me pointers.

A problem I am having ever since I started using GNU/Linux on the
Desktop is the problem of fonts.
They never looked as good as on a comparable Windows machine. However,
since I'm using Kubuntu, I am satisfied with the looks of the fonts.
Sadly, I am forced to use Debian on other machines, and even when
using KDE, setting up Anti-Aliasing correctly and install
msttcorefonts, the result is not half as good as it is when using
Kubuntu, especially (but not solely) in Firefox (Iceweasel). Most
people who use Linux on the Desktop are satisfied with the fonts as
they are, or at least after they have enabled anti-aliasing. But this
is not true for me, perhaps I'm just too picky. But seeing as the
Kubuntu developers have taken the time to refine the fonts in Kubuntu,
I guess that I am not alone with that opinion.

I came here in the hope that someone, if possible even one of the
developers that is in charge of that part of the Kubuntu development,
can tell me _exactly_ how Kubuntu manages to have such beautiful
looking fonts, and perhaps directions to certain packages or settings
in a Debian setup.

My guess is that it's a mix of the exact setup of anti-aliasing,
perhaps the selection of fonts to install, and also perhaps something
other like the X Font Server, or something completely else.

I'd truly appreciate any kind of help in that matter.

Thanks in advance! :-)

Greetings, Chris

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