adept_manager opens UDP port 1024/1026/1028 - why non-local?

Mike Teehan detox.genie at
Fri Jun 1 14:54:16 BST 2007

On Friday 01 June 2007 08:08:46 am Sarah Hobbs wrote:
> Franz Apeltauer wrote:
> > when adept_manager 2.1.2ubuntu26 is active, "netstat -tulpen" shows,
> > that it opens port 1024, 1026 or 1028 (changes with every startup of
> > adept_manager).

yeah, netstat is definitely telling me that adept_manager is binding to  this seems like very strange behavior for a package 
manager.  i could understand if it was using localhost (, but if 
i'm not mistaken, represents all the network interfaces on my 

slightly spooky, if you ask me.  can anyone reassure me that its a feature, 
and not a bug?  or a backdoor? ;-)

--- eMpTy
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