Kubuntu Docs Agenda Item Moved to ML

Richard A. Johnson nixternal at ubuntu.com
Fri Jun 1 06:53:38 BST 2007

Hey everyone!

I had planned to talk about the current status of Kubuntu docs and to put 
forward an idea for putting the docs online during the meeting today, but 
since Jonathan Jesse (jjesse) couldn't be around and I was short on time, I 
decided to move it here.

Agenda Item 1: Moving Kubuntu docs from help.ubuntu.com
Some of you may have noticed that if you go to https://help.ubuntu.com there 
are no Kubuntu docs for 7.04. Reason being..I have no clue actually, but Matt 
East and I talked about it and it made sense to us. People were getting 
confused on what exactly they were looking at doc wise at h.u.c, even if 
there were huge KDE headers on each page of the Kubuntu docs. But it did make 
sense if we could move the docs over to kubuntu.org, or create something 
similar to h.u.c but instead do help.kubuntu.org. This way here we have a 
place to store our docs and we can fix them and change them as needed w/o 
having to rely on someone else to make the changes.

With this, do we build out just C/ for the website and let the LoCo teams use 
the translated docs to create $$cc/ for their language, or do we throw all of 
them on the site?

Jonathan Riddell: Is this feasible, can we put the docs on kubuntu.org? If so, 
do we just add them under the documentation link or do we create something 
like help.kubuntu.org?

Agenda Item 2: What would you like to see in Kubuntu docs for 7.10?
Did anyone take a look at the docs, and if so are there any recommendations on 
additions or subtractions you would like to see with 7.10? There are 
definitely some more things I would like to get documented, however the way I 
want to do it I can't. The Ubuntu Documentation Project changed all of the 
licensing to CC-by-SA 2.5 and in order for me to do it the way I want, we 
would need GFDL so I could copy some of the KDE writings instead of having to 
link someone to a KDE doc just for one section, and then expect them to try 
and find where they were originally. KHelpCenter in 3.5.x is below the 
usability standards. This will definitely change for KDE 4 though, as we just 
recently asked for a Usability Audit on it and there is a team of us getting 
ready to put forth a huge effort on adding and removing a lot of features and 
issues. Back on topic here, if there is anything you think or would like to 
see documented, in our topic based style, please let me know so we can get it 
implemented. I would like to have 7.10 docs done a couple of weeks prior to 
string freeze for proofreading purposes and to get them ready for a full 
translation this time.

Sorry for the hugeness here, but I appreciate all of your input. Thanks again!

Richard A. Johnson
nixternal at ubuntu.com
GPG Key: 0x2E2C0124
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