Analog joystick

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Mon Jul 23 03:23:46 BST 2007

I've two joysticks. I don't know what to say them but one[old] has got 10 
buttons and other[new] got 12 buttons except the directional buttons. And 
both controllers work perfectly on my system with Feisty Fawn, so i don't 
see any problem.
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> First, I think having the 'joystick' section inside 'keyboard and
> mouse' of Settings is a terrible idea. Maybe naming it 'controllers'
> or 'input devices' and having the icon be a keyboard&mouse would be
> better. As it stands, the joystick screen is hidden.
> Second, it would be nice to have an "I have an analog gameport
> joystick, modprobe me!". Currently if one has a gameport joystick the
> only choice is to google for a while, since apparently /nobody/ on
> #ubuntu or #kubuntu seem to know how to get one to work, and most
> webpages giving instructions are incorrect/outdated.
> For my joystick, the only action required was "sudo modprobe analog"
> (sudo modprobe joydev was not needed even though many mention it) and
> that created /dev/input/js0 which the joystick screen in Settings can
> see; I have a creative soundblaster live! card and a 2 axes 2 button
> joystick, which I think is a rather common setup. Having no other
> gameport computers, I can't tell if that works for all gameports
> (other gameports may require more modules, I guess), but it's a start.
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