Analog joystick

Matias D'Ambrosio angasule at
Sun Jul 22 23:55:46 BST 2007

 First, I think having the 'joystick' section inside 'keyboard and
mouse' of Settings is a terrible idea. Maybe naming it 'controllers'
or 'input devices' and having the icon be a keyboard&mouse would be
better. As it stands, the joystick screen is hidden.
 Second, it would be nice to have an "I have an analog gameport
joystick, modprobe me!". Currently if one has a gameport joystick the
only choice is to google for a while, since apparently /nobody/ on
#ubuntu or #kubuntu seem to know how to get one to work, and most
webpages giving instructions are incorrect/outdated.
 For my joystick, the only action required was "sudo modprobe analog"
(sudo modprobe joydev was not needed even though many mention it) and
that created /dev/input/js0 which the joystick screen in Settings can
see; I have a creative soundblaster live! card and a 2 axes 2 button
joystick, which I think is a rather common setup. Having no other
gameport computers, I can't tell if that works for all gameports
(other gameports may require more modules, I guess), but it's a start.

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