Gusty Info Wanted!

John Levin john at
Sun Jul 22 14:48:20 BST 2007

MDwaps wrote:
> I'm in onfusion that should i ask it here or not.
> I wanna know that when will Kubuntu Gusty Gibbon be officially released?

October 2007.

> Will it come with KDE4 or KDE 3.5.7 ?

3.5.7, but there will be the possibility of installing KDE 4 (beta?) 
packages through Universe.

> What will be other major changes than Feisty Fawn?

Changelog (for Tribe 3) here:

> */_Sorry if i'm asking at wrong place!_/*
> */__/* 
> Regards: Manpreet Singh Dhillon,
> Punjab


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